Thursday, June 4, 2009

Words, I recently learned the Power of words. Joseph Smith talks about how the word and faith are connected. Worlds were formed, mountains were moved, and miracles performed by words. With all the words of all the languages in the world and with all the power they carry, I feel that they cannot express how I feel about my fiance Britni Gibbs. I love her more than any word can describe. Today is her birthday. I hope she knows how special I think she is. She GLOWS with the spirit and her radiance was the first thing that I noticed about her on the day that we met. I still remember her sitting on the stage in that yellow dress. She was supposed to be playing a man, but was struggling do to her female attire. it was very cute! She means everything to me and I love her more than anything in this life save God himself. Happy Birthday Britni! I love you!