Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hickory Smoked

wow what a flippin sweet class we had today. so i am taking a wilderness survival class and all we did was learn how to start a flint and steele fire which i already knew how to do. Easiest two credits of my LIFE! (and probably the most fun too)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My New Home

Wow, coming home from the mission you always imagine going back to school, but I didn't realize just how much it would entail until after not having attended for a little over 4 years. Not only that I didn't realize that by transfering schools that yes, I would be looking like a freshman with my map out and having to always ask where a builing is or where a room was. I think what has suprised me the most though is just the sheer amount of hours that I spend over and around the BYU campus Area.
To be fair, I work at the MTC and technically it isn't really a part of school but if we include that as part of my educational experience the hours i am over on BYU campus adds up. Lets take a typical monday for an example. I start my day at 8:15 sharp at the MTC, preparing to help my missionaries to become better at what the Lord has called them to do. That goes until about 12:30 where I then head to campus for a light sack lunch( it's easier than using 30 mins of roundtrip travel time to go back to my apartment) and from there my time is spent studying for my american governemnt class and my spanish class which start at 2:00 and go til 4:00 well once that is finished I have about an hour to eat again something that i have brought until my book of mormon class which starts at 5 and goes until 6:40 by the time I get back to my car and then again to my apartment it is near 7:15 which is about an 11 hr day. I'm not complaining of course about this, I love all of my classes and am enjoying once again the mind expanding that happens , i'm simply in awe, i never realized what kind time life after the mission would really occupy.......

Monday, September 10, 2007

sunday fun!

Night Time Madness

For those of you who don't already know, I tend to sleep walk and sleep talk. Which is really really strange to me because i NEVER remember a thing when I sleep. When I do, it's usually something that is really ominous and freaky and a lot of times comes true. Well, I think I figured out why I don't remember what happens in between the freaky dreams. I believe it's because my dreams make absolutely NO SENSE at all and my brain automatically deletes them upon gaining consciousness. Here is one that didn't make the delete button that proves my point

Last night the dream started out as me as a missionary in a ward correlation. Sounds pretty normal eh, well it gets worse. So i notice that my best friend just happens to be my companion which is pretty sweet I think until I suddenly realize i'm not wearing any pants. well this causes a sudden evacuation to the Mens room and as soon as I get there I notice that the Toilette is overflowing. Well i forget about the pants thing for some reason and immediately start working on the plumbing problem, i guess i figured since i was in a mens room my imminent danger with the pants was no longer a priority. go figure.

As I'm plumbing my companionion/best friend Izer comes in with a super secret impossible mission that i have to accomplish. now the plunging is no longer a problem but saving the world has taken it's place. (keep in mind i still haven't figured out where the heck my pants are) but in this i have to put on the face of the bishop of the ward we are serving in, Mission Impossible Style, with the whole prosthetic face and voice changer. Somehow though while making this change my mind made the mistake of slipping into the wrong movie! while becoming the bishop I got put into the machine from the movie prestige, without my knowledge and an EVIL clone was made. ( The clone will play a part later on in the dream)

So off i go as Bishop Anderson. So for those of you who have ever tried to do what Ethan Hunt does on Mission impossible you know how difficult it is to be the person who you are impersonationg. I go to his work and realize i don't know ANYBODIES NAMES! i try to get out of it by using "man" and "buddy" but soon realize that people are seeing right through it so I simply head for the elevator to evade any further confrontations. My intent was to go to the office of Bishop Anderson and accomplish my impossible mission from there but I get in the elevator and well somehow in the "briefing" no mention was made of what floor the office was on. I am standing there puzzled ( and yes still pantsless) when i look out the closing elevator doors to see my evil clone leaving the building through a revolving door with a girl ( who will not be named) and a humongous grin on his face. I knew IMMEDIATELY what he was up to! He was going to seduce the girl and then kill her when she least expected it so that i would be framed for the murder and wouldn't be able to show my real face again.
This enfuriated me, well that and the fact that he got to have pants and i didn't and I ran after him. but the problem was I had to go in search of him in my disguise so as not to draw attention to there being two of us, but i had to alert the authorites and the only one i could trust to do that and would help me was my good friend who was a volunteer sheriffs department deputy, Dwight Schrute. I knew he would be loyal! so with him we investigated who exactly this clone was and that's where we found out about how the cloning happened. and then I woke up!

so as you can see...........although they may provide lame entertainment to the extrememly bored my dreams are really completely pointless. I wonder though if I might enjoy more of them though If i actually knew what they were........only time will tell........

please feel free to post any completely pointless, Hilrous, Scary, Freaky, Random dreams that you have had on the site. i'd love to hear about it!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Jungle FEVER!


After a long term, two year religious excursion for the locally predominant denomination, i am slowly starting to figure out that the technological world did in fact advance without me! My wonderfully amazing sister has shown me the wonders of blogging and I am itching for chance to try it out. Wish me luck!