Monday, July 7, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Superman's Real Kryptonite

The famed Kryptonite. The only thing that could ever stop Superman dead in his tracks. Known by his enemies and always futilely used against him, Superman has yet to be defeated in all of his epic battles. Take away his powers and there was still the one thing that they could never conquer, Superman's heart, which is the source of his real power. Every time Superman found himself against insurmountable odds, where Kyptonite was usually involved, they could never beat his will to do good which would always overcome whatever evil was placed before him. Just like light shines in the darkness, Superman's geniunely pure heart would send evil back to the very depths of hell from which it came. Yet with all the brilliance of Braniac or the craftiness of Lex Luthor, they never seemed to realize this simple and yet all important fact that Kryptonite was never going to stop him. You see it makes it even more difficult for these evil geniuses because Superman had long ago given this heart of Gold to a sassy, strong headed, reporter named Lois Lane. She is it's keeper and has thus become Superman's Real Kryptonite. Even though relations may have been severed due to his responsibility to save the world and his quest to discover his destiny, She would always be the keeper of his heart, thus making Superman invincible. She had given him all the motivation he needed to become the unconquerable hero that he is, making the only true kryptonite of Superman untouchable by any and all demons of the infernal pit. By giving his heart away it no longer became anything that someone could ever reach.